Stephen Brand, CPT, SFN, SSF


To whom it may concern,

My name is Martin Fisher and I am the Activities Director at Crosswood Oaks. Beginning in October of 2011, Stephen Brand was brought into our community to establish an exercise program for our residents. We chose Stephen based on his certifications, especially his specialty in senior fitness, his aptitude for working with seniors and his understanding of the mental, emotional and physical challenges that seniors face.

In observing the classes that Stephen conducts here twice a week, it became apparent just how well prepared to assist our residents he was. His classes were designed to be accessible to all of our residents regardless of their level of functionality, which meant that persons in scooters, wheel chairs and walkers were able to participate and benefit from his program. In addition, Stephen’s attention to detail meant that while conducting his classes as a whole, he was still able to give the individual attention to each participant to adjust each exercise to the resident’s individual circumstances and abilities. Stephen’s understanding of senior’s issues and challenges also meant that our residents quickly bonded with him, and the fact that he has made exercise fun as well as rewarding has kept our residents eager to participate; by December, Stephen’s classes were being attended by up to 20 residents per class.

Crosswood Oaks was recently named Citrus Heights Retirement Community of the Year by the Citrus Heights Chamber of Commerce, and the exercise program that Stephen instituted here is part of the reason we received this recognition. For his professionalism, knowledge, ability to work with seniors, heartfelt concern and love for what he does, (and the extremely reasonable fee he charges) I cannot recommend Stephen Brand highly enough and do so without reservation. Stephen’s exercise program gives Crosswood Oaks the best return on investment in terms of benefit to residents and the quality of services we provide than any other single activity we offer.  

Because Stephen’s exercise program has made such a difference in the quality of our resident’s lives and the quality of the services we offer at Crosswood Oaks, I am very happy to recommend him to you. Please feel free to contact me by e-mail or by phone to answer any questions you may have.


Martin Fisher

Activities Director

Crosswood Oaks

916- 969-6161


Dear Steve,

I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank yoimageu for working with me this semester in the Adaptive PE/Weight Training program here at American River College.  I really appreciated your knowledge of weight lifting and of the human body, especially when I had the problem with the popping in my shoulder. You went out of your way to show me illustrations that showed how my tendon was slipping out of place when I was doing my biceps curls. The weight lifting program that you designed for me seemed just right and I was able to complete it in the hour that we had for class. In the short three months that we have worked together I’ve noticed considerable muscle growth in my upper body.  I also want to thank you for directing me to books and studies that addressed the concern I had with the statin drug I was taking for my high cholesterol. I would be happy to recommend you to anybody that you might work with in the future. Thanks, again!

Sincerely,Mike Todd



I just wanted to write you a quick note and thank you for working with me and Gene this semester in the Adaptive PE – Weight Training class at American River College. I very much appreciated you supervising Gene in his workout routine which freed me up to participate in other elements of the class that were offered. I imageknow Gene appreciated your knowledge of the proper form of the various exercises he was doing as well as your knowledge of how to set up theimage machines for him to get the greatest benefit from them.  It was a real help for you to help him into and out of some of the machines that he was having trouble with. Also, I know he appreciated you holding the various arms of some machines so he was able to comfortably place his hands in position to get ready to perform the exercise. I want to thank you for your patience while working with Gene as he doesn’t move quite as quickly as he used to.  Gene has expressed to me how much he has enjoyed working with you and was hoping to do so again. Thanks for making the time in this class more enjoyable and beneficial for both of us. We hope to see you next semester!

Sincerely, Gene and Irma