Stephen Brand, CPT, SFN, SSF


Private Services:

As a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist and a Certified Personal Trainer, I offer two distinct but synergistic private services - nutritional counseling and personal training; what I call "Nutrition and Fitness Coaching". This is what makes my program unlike any other you've tried before.

I'm not talking about a period of caloric deprivation and multiple workout sessions day after day, week after week; you can get that by signing up with a personal trainer at one of the many gyms and clubs available all over town. I'm talking about something completely different. I'm talking about making some easy-to-implement changes in your diet and exercise habits that will make you look and feel great and, once our time together is over, that you can continue to use for the rest of your life.

The purpose of the personal training I offer is not to hover over you prodding you to work harder and faster but rather to teach you the techniques of efficient, productive exercise so you can use those techniques to maintain your fitness for the rest of your life. The purpose of my nutritional counseling is not to show you how to eat a low-fat, USDA-approved, calorie-reduced diet, but to teach you about the foods you are eating that are keeping your body from burning it's fat stores and what foods to eat that will encourage fat burning as well as to build muscle, the major component in a faster metabolism.

If you've tried to lose weight by consuming less calories and exercising more but just can't seem to get it to work for you then you are NOT the exception, you are in the majority, and I want to work with you! Most overweight people, but especially people in their 30's and beyond, find it extremely difficult to lose weight using the conventional wisdom of "eat less and exercise more"; they find themselves hungry all the time and struggling to fit multiple exercise sessions into their busy lives. Does this sound familiar?

Isn't it time that you tried a different approach? Losing weight and getting into shape isn't about eating less and hours of gym work - it's about eating "correctly" and working out  efficiently - just twice a week. I will show you how to lose weight while actually increasing muscle size and strength without being hungry between meals and constantly thinking about that next meal. And I will show you how to make this a lifestyle so that you can keep the weight off and maintain your fitness level for a life time.


Public Services:

As a Certified Specialist in Senior Fitness and a member of the American Senior Fitness Association I have a strong interest in working to improve the quality of life for the growing population of aging baby-boomers. Seniors can improve their ability to perform activities of daily living and thereby stay independent into their later years if they will regularly attend a properly designed senior exercise class. I have developed an exercise program that I offer to the public specifically designed so that even seniors who currently use a walker to get around can participate. If you live in a senior community and do not currently have a regular exercise class offered please contact me and I will contact your facility to get one started. If you are an activities director or the manager of a senior living facility and would like to learn more about the exercise class I lead for seniors contact me for an appointment. If you would like a sneak peek of what I do please check out this video that I have posted on my YouTube channel. Here you will see some clips from an actual class I instruct at Crosswood Oaks in Citrus Heights, CA, along with some comments about senior fitness and a testimonial from one of my class participants.